Updated May 24, 2022

Here’s our 2022 menu.

Meals will be served cafeteria style in the Dining Hall. There is a campers’ refrigerator in the building JUST downhill from the Social Hall/Library.  If you have special dietary requirements, you can bring appropriate alternatives. Please label your items. 

The Camp is not set up for variable meal times, so the Monday schedule will be much like our Sunday schedule — breakfast fairly early, two workshops, lunch, and a single afternoon session.  

Please note the tight time constraints that are required at Camp Airy (because they use high school students as staff and must comply with state and local regulations regarding minors).  The Camp asks that you arrive on time for meals, and finish your meals within 60 minutes from when serving begins. That is, total time allotted for any meal is only one hour.  Serving will begin promptly, and all food will be returned to the kitchen 45 minutes after the serving began.  There will be an extra 15 minutes after the serving line has closed, but if you come to the Dining Hall 40 minutes after serving has begun, you will have a maximum of 20 minutes to get your food and finish it. We will not be able to linger and chat in the Dining Hall.  

We plan to have a Tea Bag Exchange this year, probably in the Library.  Do you have tea bags or loose tea in flavors you thought you would like but didn’t? (Most of us have such a stash). We’ll provide labels and plastic bags so you can share your stash and take some new things home to try.