Weekend Information

Updated Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Please plan to arrive between noon and 1:30 pm (having had lunch on your own). The first session will begin at 2 pm Saturday, May 25.  There will be two afternoon sessions on Saturday — with a short break for a snack and hydration between them — and an evening dance after a delicious dinner.  On Sunday, there will be two morning sessions, lunch, and two afternoon sessions, with (of course) a break for tea during the afternoon.  Then dinner and more dancing. On Monday morning, there will be two sessions, lunch, and  one last session featuring all of the callers (plus organizers Kappy Laning and April Blum). Then off you go, home in time to fix dinner and start the laundry.

We will offer an introductory session at 1:30 pm on Saturday, to go over the basics for those who have not danced English regularly or not recently, or perhaps ever!  If you know someone who has just discovered English Country Dance, please assure them that we welcome beginners — and that this sort of “total immersion” is one of the very best ways to become comfortable with ECD at its finest.  We do NOT designate workshops as “beginner/intermediate/advanced.”  ALL dances at ALL sessions and workshops are intended for ALL attendees.

We have three excellent callers:  new to Trifle this year is Dan Blim, from the Boston area; returning are Melissa Running from Washington, DC (who has called at every Trifle since its inception five years ago) and Gaye Fifer, from Pittsburgh. Elegant, boisterous, exuberant, plangent and playful music will be provided by eight musicians (Susan Brandt, Tina Chancey, Liz Donaldson, Ralph Gordon, Jonathan Jensen, Paul Oorts, Miranda Weinberg, and Tom Wright). We “mix and match” — no two sessions will feature the same combination of instruments.  We have access to a covered porch, where we will be able to dance one session of balfolk and one of Dutch Crossing. 

There is no stage in the Dance Hall, but useable dance space is roughly 40 by 38. We think we can fit three lines in that amount of space. 

Unlike our previous location, restrooms are adjacent — no clambering down a slippery slope in the dark! 

Because Camp Airy is more expensive, we have raised the price to $200 per person this year. This includes all meals and comfortable cabins (you will need to bring your own linens — sheets, towels, blankets, pillow). 


Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited about being able to offer this very special event for a fifth year.  Next year, we hope to move to Camp Louise, where we will have a larger space and more options.

April Blum and Kappy Laning, Organizers