Weekend Information

Again this year, the first dance of English Trifle weekend will begin at 2 pm Saturday, May 26.  There will be two afternoon sessions on Saturday — with a short break for a snack and hydration between them — and an evening dance after a delicious dinner.  On Sunday, there will be two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions, with (of coure) a break for tea during the afternoon.  Then dinner and more dancing. Monday morning, after a leisurely breakfast, one last session ending at 1 pm. Then off you go, home in time to fix dinner and start the laundry.

There’s an introductory session at 1:30 pm on Saturday, to go over the basics for those who have not danced English regularly or not recently, or perhaps ever!  If you know someone who has just discovered English Country Dance, please assure them that we welcome beginners — and that this sort of “total immersion” is one of the very best ways to become comfortable with ECD at its finest.

We have three excellent callers — Scott Higgs, from the Philadelphia area; Tom Amesse, from the New York/New Jersey area; and Melissa Running, from Washington, DC. Elegant, boisterous, exuberant, plangent and playful music will be provided by eight musicians (Tina Chancey, Bruce Edwards, Ralph Gordon, David Knight, Alexander Mitchell, Janet Muse, Paul Oorts, and Kathy Talvitie). We expect to “mix and match” the musicians, so that no two sessions will feature the same mix of instruments.  We anticipate that you will be able to dance ECD at every session, if you wish, but we usually have a “Write a Dance” workshop; we expect to have a Dutch Crossing workshop, and we might be able to program a few more options, including a morning waltz session on Monday.

The Playhouse, where we will be dancing, has a main hall that is approximately 40 x 60, with a smooth painted wood floor.  It is air conditioned, and overlooks a small lake. There are two other available spaces for dance workshops in the same building.

The lake near the Playhouse.

We have kept the all-inclusive price at $150 per person again this year. This includes all meals and comfortable cabins (you will need to bring your own linens — sheets, towels, blankets, pillow). There are a fair number of rooms with private or semi-private baths, unusual in a camp.  The camp has a well-maintained swimming pool, and a  friendly and helpful staff.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited about being able to offer this very special event for a fourth year.

April Blum and Kappy Laning, Organizers