Updated Monday, March 9, 2020

The fifth annual English Trifle was a delight.  To quote an attendee, “The music — its richness, sheer virtuosity and the interactions between and among each ever-changing set of players — is consistently, staggeringly awe-inspiring and a huge amount of fun and pleasure.” 

We are delighted to announce that the SIXTH annual English Trifle is scheduled for Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25. Once again we offer three outstanding callers — Scott Higgs, Joanna Reiner-Wilkinson and Melissa Running, and eight wonderful and versatile musicians —  Josh Burdick (violin),  Tina Chancey (violin, viol da gamba), Sophie Chang (cello), Bruce Edwards (bassoon, concertina)  Jonathan Jensen (keyboard, ocarina, penny whistle), Carrie Rose (flute), Kathy Talvitie (keyboard), and Miranda Weinberg (violin).  And, of course, Jamie Platt (the Sound Guy) will work his sonic magic. 

We are, of course, concerned about the possible effect of the coronavirus on group events, but we hope that by the end of May, the scope, severity, and proper response to this alarming disease will be clear. We are moving forward under the assumption that beautiful Camp Airy will be ready and that dance events will be back on track. We will update the website when clear and accurate information about coronavirus and necessary precautions becomes avaiable.