April 30, 2023  Please see April Blum’s post dated today.

Updated Monday, March 20, 2023.  

Registration is OPEN — Trifle 2023 will be Saturday, May 27 through Monday, May 29

We have an extraordinary staff this year. The callers are Gaye Fifer, Melissa Running and Joanna Reiner-Wilkinson, an amazing trio of superb dance leaders. Unlike most ECD (and contra) weekends, Trifle does not hire an established band. Instead, we hire individual musicians, and schedule them so that every workshop uses a different combination of instrumentalists. This year our two keyboard players are Jonathan Jensen and Kendall Rogers, who have a delightful ability to embellish a tune in unexpected and amusing ways. Violin virtuosas are Miranda Weinberg and Becky Ross, charming and imaginative players. Viola da gamba wizard Tina Chancey and cellist “Mr. Cool” Ralph Gordon will provide lower register sonorities. Flutist Susan Brandt and bassoonist Bruce Edwards bring brilliant high notes and mellow reediness, and multi-instrumentalist Paul Oorts adds mandolin, banjo and concertina to the mix. And Jamie Platt on sound. It will be a memorable weekend.  

We are especially pleased that Trifle will be at Camp Louise instead of Camp Airy this year.  We will be dancing in the “Social Hall,” a large space with a stage and wood floor!  The space is much larger than Camp Airy’s porch, and we look forward to down a doubles and open chains danced with amplitude.  

Camp prices to us have gone up, but there will be a few fellowships available if you can arrive Friday and stay for a few hours on Monday.  We still think $250 is a bargain.

The schedule and menu for 2022 are still posted and this year will be very similar.  Six meals: Dinner Saturday and Sunday, Breakfast and Lunch Sunday and Monday.