Updated Sunday, June 5, 2022.  

“It was wonderful to see people again after years. The musicians were incredible and the dancing was magical.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us have a great first time dancing in 2 1/2 years, along with everyone else having a great time!”

“The musicians were uniformly excellent. Amazing to get all the talent together in one place.”

Trifle 2022 is over and our thanks to everyone who came.

Miscellaneous statistics:  62 attendees, including 3 callers and 8 musicians.  We danced NINETY-FIVE different dances.  We went through three 12-ounce pouches of Gevalia coffee.  

The open air pavilion worked well, and putting the roll-out dance flooring over the Trex was a good idea.  Having a real stage was a plus.  We were lucky to have no rain, but will think about weather protection for future Trifles.  

We”ll let you know when we open registration for English Trifle 2023!


The schedule and menu for 2022 are posted.