About the Camp

Updated 03/28/23

Map of Camp Louise

Camp Louise is a beautiful summer camp for girls, founded 100 years ago.  It is carefully maintained and all roads are paved.  (You will be allowed to drive to a spot near your cabin to unload, and then move your car to the parking lot.)

We will be dancing in the Social Hall, a huge (31’x100′) space with a wood floor and a large stage.  There will be “sitting out” space and places to leave dance bags at the bottom of the hall. We expect to be able to serve snacks there as well.

The Camp built an enormous Dining Hall about 10 years ago, and meals will be served cafeteria style.

Because the summer camp features a low staff to camper ratio, there are numerous “counselor cabins” with twin beds (some singles) and private baths.  We have asked the Camp to allocate those to Trifle, and we expect to make everyone comfortable. You’ll need to bring your own linens, pillow, etc., but if you are flying in, let us know and we’ll make sure you have linens.

Camp Louise is more “vertical” than Camp Airy (where we danced last year), so we will have a golf cart with driver available.

We hope to have an alternate track (balfolk, Scottish 101?) in the Dance Studio, another lovely venue near the Social Hall.