An apology and explanation

I have always enjoyed excellent health. That started to change last year, with persistent sciatica pain which did not respond to acupuncture, chiropractic or therapeutic massage. It became more and more difficult to sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes at a time. Dancing, which I so enjoy, became and continues to be almost impossible. 
Added to this discomfort was what I can only describe as a slow failure of the cataract surgery I had pre-pandemic. I was supposed to achieve clear vision up close, without lenses, and easily correctable distance vision.  Instead, on many days nothing is clear, at any distance and with or without glasses.  Reading for pleasure, solving logic problems, cooking, and working at the computer – everything is slightly or more than slightly blurry.
So although this spring was already tough, I noticed a tremor that initially just involved my left hand, but became rapidly worse. Not Parkinson’s, but an incurable movement disorder called Essential Tremor.  Typing, already difficult with vision problems, has become very slow and tedious.
I know all too well that I am behind schedule on getting the Trifle website updated, but Trifle WILL take place, and now that I am taking medication for Essential Tremor, prescription eyedrops that are supposed to restore my vision, and epidural steroid injections to quell the sciatica pain, I expect to get all information updated and uploaded.  Please do not hesitate to sign up.
This has been difficult to write, both emotionally and physically. I hope to see you at beautiful Camp Louise in less than a month.  
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