Google Maps can find the camp by name (“timber ridge camp, high view, wv”). Mapquest and Bing Maps don’t do as well near Timber Ridge. For GPS, a latitude/longitude location for Timber Ridge camp is: 39.229320, -78.464480

From the Washington DC area: We assume you will take the Beltway (495) to either Route 66 or the Dulles Toll Road. Check traffic before you leave and make your decision accordingly. You can also take Virginia Route 7 all the way out to Winchester.

If Route 66 doesn’t look too busy, it’s toll-free and fairly straightforward. It’s quite heavily traveled from the Beltway west to Gainesville (where US Route 29 turns south).  Follow Route 66 all the way to its intersection with Interstate 81, and take Interstate 81 North to Exit 317, which is the exit onto Virginia Route 37 South. See the “For everyone” instructions below.

The best alternate is the Dulles Toll Rd (VA Route 267) west from the Beltway, continuing first as the Dulles Greenway (also Route 267, with tolls), then as Virginia State Route 7 west to Winchester. This route has significant traffic as well, and has tolls, but it is not as vulnerable to rain and accidents as I-66. If you take the Greenway route, it’s faster to go around the north end of Winchester by taking I-81 North to the Route 37 South intersection (Exit 317).  See the “For everyone” instructions below.

To avoid both traffic on Interstate 66 and tolls, you can also take Virginia Route 7 west all the way from Tyson’s Corners, but this route is heavily traveled and often slow at least until you get to Leesburg.

From the Baltimore area: Take the Baltimore Beltway (695) to Interstate 70 West; follow 70 to Exit 26B, which puts you on Interstate 81 South.  Follow Interstate 81 South to Exit 317, which is the exit onto Virginia Route 37 South.  See the “For everyone” instructions below.

From the West:
If you’re coming from the west on Route 50, you will pass through the village of Capon Bridge. The drive from Capon Bridge south to Timber Ridge Camp is about 7.5 miles. From US Rt 50, go south on Christian Church Road (NOT on Cacapon River Rd). After about 5.5 miles, you will turn right onto Hooks Mill Road, joining the directions below at step 7. It’s a pretty drive, but has some very sharp corners, so stay alert and watch your speed.

For Everyone:

If you are coming from Washington and Baltimore, here are some landmarks and mileages from the Intersection of Route 37 and Route 50, near Winchester:

  1.  From Route 37, take the exit for Route 50 West (toward Romney).
  2. Go 10.7 miles on Route 50 to the Gore Volunteer Fire station – this is a large dark green and tan cinder-block building on your right, very visible during the day. At night there are lights at the top of each “garage door.” When you pass the fire station, get into the left hand lane of Route 50.
  3. Go 0.5 miles further on Route 50 beyond the fire station and make a LEFT turn onto Route 259. (If Route 50 is suddenly only one lane in each direction, you have missed the turn onto Route 259.  Find a safe place to turn around and go back along Route 50. The turn onto State 259 is just after Route 50 widens back out to four lanes.)
  4. Go 4.3 miles on Route 259 to the West Virginia state line sign.
  5. Continue 0.4 miles more on Route 259 and make a sharp RIGHT turn onto CR-13 – this is the first right turn after the state line, and just past a group of large white buildings (a former farm equipment dealership) on your right.
  6. You will travel 1.6 miles TOTAL on CR-13: After 1.1 miles, bear RIGHT (a branch of CR-13 joins there). After another 0.3 miles you will drive between a red brick church and the red brick church office. Just 0.2 miles beyond the church make a LEFT onto Hooks Mill Road (confusingly labeled CR-13/3). Watch for oncoming traffic!
  7. Go 1.4 miles on Hooks Mill Road (CR-13/3), mostly downhill, until you see a “Dead End” sign and a big Timber Ridge sign — and the pavement ends. Turn LEFT onto a gravel road. (Some maps might tell you to go straight here. They are wrong. The road they think you can take isn’t there any more. If you go straight, you’ll be on a farm driveway.)
  8. Go 0.2 miles uphill to a fork, and take the RIGHT fork, then it’s 0.3 miles to the camp gate. Enter the camp and after .2 miles you will bear RIGHT and start going down a hill.
  9. Follow the camp road until you see the “Registration” sign. You’re there!!

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