Callers and Musicians

Updated February 26, 2019


Dan Blim started dancing in Columbus, Ohio, and now teaches musicology at Denison University. He loves puns  (you have been warned). His calling is clear and concise, and sometimes silly.

Gaye Fifer is perhaps best known as a contra caller and waltz instructor, but has added English Country Dance to her considerable skill set. She has a relaxed and amusing calling style, coupled with a sly sense of humor.

Melissa Running is a skilled writer of dances and composer of tunes, well regarded as a caller all over the East Coast. Melissa is particularly adept at introducing contra dancers to the joys of English Country Dance. She has a clear instructional style and an ever-expanding repertoire of fascinating dances.


An English Trifle is proud to feature eight splendid musicians:  Susan Brandt (flute); Tina Chancey (violin, viol da gamba),  Liz Donaldson (keyboard), Ralph Gordon (cello), Jonathan Jensen (keyboard), Paul Oorts (mandolin, cittern, musette accordion), Miranda Weinberg (violin), and Tom Wright (10-string mandolin). 

Our goal is to have a different combination of musicians for each workshop — trios and quartets during the day, and quintets in the evening. (From time to time, particularly on Monday, we dancers have looked up to discover that all eight of the musicians have decided to “sit in.” It’s absolutely splendid.)