Callers and Musicians

Updated March 20, 2024


Melissa Running is a skilled writer of dances and composer of tunes, and is particularly adept at introducing contra dancers to the joys of English Country Dance. She has a clear instructional style and an ever-expanding repertoire of fascinating dances.

Joanna Reiner Wilkinson has called all over the country and beyond (including St. Croix and Vancouver) and is particularly well known to Pinewoods attendees. She is a much sought after caller in no small part because her walk throughs are exemplary and her prompts are short, helpful, and perfectly timed.

Tom Roby


An English Trifle is proud to feature eight splendid musicians:

  • Jonathan Jensen
  • Dave Wiesler
  • Miranda Weinberg
  • Becky Ross
  • Paul Oorts
  • Susan Brandt
  • Sophie Chang
  • Tom Wright

We schedule the musicians so that each workshop has a different combination of instruments — trios and quartets during the day, and quintets in the evening. (From time to time, particularly on Monday, we dancers have looked up to discover that all of the musicians have decided to “sit in!!” It’s absolutely splendid.)