84 different dances!  Here’s what we danced in 2015:

Saturday 2 pm  “Well(come) Hall” – Tom Spilsbury
Jovial Beggars, Well Hall, Waters of Holland, The Bishop, Hot Toddy, The Fandango, To Dance Devine

Saturday 4:30 pm  “On the Road” – Scott Higgs
Dancing Across the Atlantic, Delighted Dendrologist, News From Tripoli, Wibsey Roundabout, Spring in Sebastopol, Autumn in Amherst, Homecoming

Saturday Evening:
Scott Higgs:  La Gavre, Peace Be With You, Heather Towers, Turning By Threes,  Barbarini’s Tambourine.  Gaye Fifer: Helena, Rain on the Roof, Key to the Cellar, Six for the Six Proud Walkers, Indian Summer.  Tom Spilsbury: The Ragg, Candles in the Dark, Jaque Latin, Scotch Cap,
Emperor of the Moon

Sunday 9:15 am  “3 is a Magic Number” – Gaye Fifer
Alice, Jack’s Maggot, Rebecka Ridinghoode, Kneeland Romp, Mr. Isaac’s Maggot, Young Widow, Honeysuckle Cottage

Sunday 10:45 am “Slang (Modern English)” – Tom Spilsbury
All Saints, Mockbeggar, Elizabeth, Star of Kintra, Stepping Stones, Jack by the Hedge.

Sunday 1:30 pm  “Love and/or Marriage” – Scott Higgs
Collier’s Daughter, Leslie’s Valentine, Dancing Wife, Three Weddings,
Never Love Thee More, Wooing Mairi, Lover’s Knot, Old Wife Behind the Fire

Sunday 4:30 pm  “Every Whichway Heys” – Gaye Fifer
Faithless Nancy Dawson, Dunant House Waltz, Treasure of the Big Woods, Kelsterne Gardens, The Chocolate Equation, We’ll Bed and We’ll Weed,
The Astonished Archeologist, The Potter’s Wheel

Sunday Evening:
Scott Higgs: Minor Spaniard, Sun Assembly, Impropriety, Heidenroslein,
Walpole Cottage.  Gaye Fifer:  Smithy Hill, The Merry Andrew, The Bemused Benthologist, When Laura Smiles, Jack’s Health.  Tom Spilsbury: Mad Robin, Sally in Our Alley, Dublin Bay, Childgrove, Leather Lake House

Monday Farewell Dance:
Scott Higgs: Slaughter House, Sunlight Through Draperies, Softly Good Tummas.  Kappy Laning: Miles of Smiles.  Gaye Fifer: Beautyberry,
The Physical Snob.  April Blum:  Freeford Gardens.  Tom Spilsbury:
Hazelfern Place, Christina, Rafe’s Waltz, Yellow Stockings