Reminders for Saturday!

We will be driving out to beautiful Timber Ridge on Friday. If you need to contact us, please use email.

There’s a 1:30 “Introduction to ECD” for those of you who need a brief refresher.

It’s likely to be muddy in places. Be sure to bring appropriate shoes.  We will try to keep mud off the Playhouse floor by providing a “Change Your Shoes” location immediately inside the Canteen doors.

Check-in is in the Dining Hall, NOT the A-frame — just ignore that notation on the map.  If there’s no one at Registration, it’s self-service.  As you enter the Dining Hall, everything should be on a table on the right.  You’ll get a mug for coffee or tea, with your name on it, and tucked inside will be your badge, along with the schedule and a map of the camp showing you where your cabin is.  Check yourself off on the list, and come down to the Playhouse to dance!!

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